Classes & Workshops

A little preparation goes a long way when considering what your family’s life might look like when your new baby arrives. Ask me how to register for a postpartum planning workshop!

We’re Parents! Now What?!

Postpartum Planning Workshop

This workshop is designed to help families think about what kind of fourth trimester support they might need including tips and tricks for setting guidelines for visitors and building a support team.

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Preparing for Postpartum Series

Expectant parents spend a lot of time preparing for birth itself, but what about that fourth trimester? This series is designed to help families discuss the dynamics of transitioning to life with a new baby. Whether you’re expecting your first child, or you’re already seasoned pros, your family can benefit from addressing postpartum concerns before the baby arrives.


  • Perinatal healthcare decisions for mom and baby
  • Managing postpartum expectations
  • Infant care
  • New mother recovery care and mood disorders