Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula can reduce your worries: about not feeling confident in parenting choices/baby care about how to keep up with chores while caring for yourself and your new baby about being able to self-identify signs of postpartum mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc) How exactly can a Postpartum Doula help? Evidence based information about numerous … Continue reading Postpartum Doula

Classes & Workshops

A little preparation goes a long way when considering what your family’s life might look like when your new baby arrives. Ask me how to register for a postpartum planning workshop! We’re Parents! Now What?! Postpartum Planning Workshop This workshop is designed to help families think about what kind of fourth trimester support they might … Continue reading Classes & Workshops

Essential Oils

As a doTerra wellness advocate, I am excited to share my experience using essential oils and provide resources for new moms and babies.