Meet Natalie

Hi, I’m Natalie! Since December 2016 I’ve lived in the Black Hills after relocating from the Chicago area with my husband and son. I was three months postpartum and almost everything about my new life felt unfamiliar. Without a local support system, I quickly realized how isolating new motherhood can be. The local breastfeeding support group became my lifeline, a place where I knew that I could connect with other new mothers and knowledgeable professionals. These meetings helped me discover my passion for taking care of new mothers through their own transitions.

Becoming a postpartum doula felt like the right way to channel that passion. I believe that mothers need time to rest, recover, and bond with their new babies first and foremost, along with an endless supply of encouragement. I vividly remember that the hardest part of change (even exciting change) is that no matter what, there will always be things you just can’t plan for, and new motherhood is no exception. I am excited to help new moms and families (and their support systems) prepare for the expected and empower them to deal with the unexpected.

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that I gave birth during the final semester earning my Master of Business Administration. I am excited to find a career that combines so many of my personal interests: breastfeeding, mental health, and nutrition. I look forward to preparing nourishing meals for mamas to promote postpartum healing (along with breast milk production, if that is her goal) while providing emotional support and encouragement through the transformation into motherhood.

I enjoy being involved in my community, too. Since moving to a new state, I joined a local MOMS Club chapter where I found an awesome village of fellow at-home-mamas; I became a founding board member of Black Hills Birth Network along with a group of women who share my passion for new moms; and I began attending Bible Study Fellowship where my faith has deepened and I continue to learn how to share God’s love. With my family, I enjoy cooking and attending craft beer events with the local homebrew club. In my scarce free time I also like to work on a variety of creative projects and crafts.


  • Professionally Trained Postpartum Doula, August 2017
  • Mental Health Webinar, September 2017
  • CPR certification, November 2017
  • ​In Progress: HUG your baby, anticipated 2019


To ensure families can rest easy during their fourth trimester through physical and emotional postpartum support and assistance with baby care and family bonding.​


Every new mother has access to adequate rest and recovery support during the fourth trimester (and beyond!) and new parents can focus on meeting the needs of their new baby without worry.